“There’s that great Vincent van Gogh quote: ‘I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.’ That’s the aspiration.”

Meryl Streep

My mother used to make up songs for me when I was little; rhymes and poems about how much she loved me. "Jessica Rose is sweet and fair with gentle eyes and silken hair..." She loved to write and when she died I found that words were the only thing I could use to make any sense of my grief. So I wrote. And I write. About her, about wherever I am, about this journey I'm on looking for home.

I'm attracted to story. I see narrative in quiet, mundane things, and a lot of my writing is about this, about the thread that pulls it all together. I'm not worried about mythologizing, I think our world could use more everyday myths and epic tales pulled out into the light.

So here I'll write about my stories, about my travels, about being a little girl, about my mom. I hope that my words somehow maintain a spark of the life they're relaying and light something up in you. I hope that when you leave you feel a little lighter and richer than when you came.